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Sales Enablement Programs

Selling Made Simple Academy (SMS) is a unique training series designed to help sales professionals and/ or sales teams to build their pipeline and increase close rates. With self-guided, virtual, or in-person options for learning, Selling Made Simple is designed to work for your business or team.

Call Conversion Blueprint© is a unique training series that helps business' master the art of converting inbound calls and maximize appointments and increase revenue.

Here's How We Do It...

Strengths-Based Coaching

Receive personalized coaching that shows you or your team how to leverage your strengths to increase performance.

Sessions are available for teams, individuals, or executives from a certified Clifton Strengths coach.

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Roma N.

Enterprise Sales Team

Scott C.

Individual Sale Professional

Jeff V.

Business Owner

David Mentzel

Founder, CEO

David is passionate about helping salespeople and sales teams crush their quotas and increase their close rates. He founded SalesGenesis in 2009 to help businesses improve and pioneered the company's evolution to Strengths based coaching and sales enablement powerhouse.

David is an expert professional with over 25 years years of experience in enterprise sales, web marketing strategy, integrated marketing, sales, lead generation, customer relationship management (CRM), and executive coaching.

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