At Sales Genesis, we provide training and products that enable salespeople to close more deals, build their confidence and skill, and crush their quotas.

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Strengths-Based Coaching

Receive personalized coaching that shows you or your team how to leverage your strengths to increase performance.

Sessions are available for teams, individuals, or executives from a certified Clifton Strengths coach.

Selling Made Simple Academy (SMS) is a unique training series designed to help sales professionals and/ or sales teams to build their pipeline and increase close rates. With self-guided, virtual, or in-person options for learning, Selling Made Simple is designed to work for your business or team. At Sales Genesis, our mission is to equip and empower salespeople to crush their quotas and achieve long-term success; Selling Made Simple is the first step to achieving that goal!

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Call Conversion Blueprint© is a unique training series that helps business' master the art of converting inbound calls and maximize appointments and increase revenue.

Self-Guided SMS

Learn at your own pace with the self-guided version of Selling Made Simple! You get the benefits of the SMS course on your own schedule, allowing you to take as much or as little time as you want to complete the program. With cheatsheets and video lessons provided with your purchase, you'll soon be crushing your quota and closing countless new deals! Join the many successful SMS salespeople today!

Virtual Courses

Virtual Courses

If you or your team would like personalized teaching from the SMS team, but in-person training isn't for you, we offer a completely virtual option as well. Via video calls and webinars the SMS coach will take you through the program themselves and all of the resources the program offers will be available online after purchase. Click below for a consultation to see if virtual training is the right option for you!

In-Person Courses

For sales teams or salespeople who have unique needs, we offer an in-person option for the Selling made Simple training. The SMS coach will visit your company and walk you through each of the program's phases in-person. You will have virtual access to all of the SMS benefits in addition to the actual expertise and advise of the SMS coaching staff in your offices. To see if this option is the right fit for you, please sign up for a consultation below.

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